A little bit more about me...

I’m a mix of creative and analytical, from my experience, you can’t achieve much without these two working side-by-side.

Being a creative dictates the way in which I approach problem solving and being analytical dictates the way in which I measure results and determine next-steps.

I’ve worked 9+ years as a marketer driving and measuring the success of campaigns — and commercial photography on both large creative teams and as a freelancer with my own small business. As my career has transitioned from production to marketing I’ve gained a unique perspective having been on all sides of a campaign from ideation and strategy to execution and analysis.

If my background has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t have one without the other—creativity and critical analysis.

I love nothing more than learning a new skill and sharpening current ones. I’m also a strong believer in diversifying your learning. I used to worry that my disparate skills and interests would be a hinderance to my career—but I learned that it’s the very thing that drives my growth and successes. 

You’ll find me reading everything from books on linguistics and astronomy to data science and human psychology. I have a deep fascination with the world around me and it’s important to me to make learning a part of everyday in both my professional and personal life.